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Magic-Float Enterprise Co., Ltd. 絃和企業有限公司

floating Structures for not only sports, leisure projects...

Today is 27,Oct,2020
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About Us
Magic-Float Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the Taiwanese manufacturer of the world's most innovative modular floating dock system. With superior patented interlocking cube design, Magic-Float modular floating dock system (hereafter called 「Magic-Float」 system) offers a stronger, more stable and robust floating structures than other systems on the market.
In 1989, we obtained the rights to produce the original 「Generation I」 module and from the experience of many versatile successful installations, we started to textareauate the advantages and disadvantages of 「Generation I」.
Over the years, we have devoted enhance the ability of research & development and quality betterment, based on user's request and our installation experience, we developed the new patented innovative modular cube, 「Magic-Float II (Reinforced Type)」, 「Magic-Float III with cover (Pipeline Type)」, 「Magic-Float IV (Reinforced Double Type)」, 「Magic-Float V Shape (Special Type for Jet Ski, cata... [Details]
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