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Today is 27,Oct,2020
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Catamaran Floating Jetty
Catamaran Floating JettyCatamaran Floating JettyCatamaran Floating Jetty
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Updated: 2020-10-08 11:58
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Project Name: Catamaran Floating Jetty 

Magic-Float Modular Floating System can be assembled in 2D or 3D structure that is totally unlike the traditional floating system, which is limited and cannot be extended anytime and anywhere. Magic-Float Modular Floating System is suitable for any kinds of water area and can be extend or change the original shape easily due to its easy assembly and disassembly design. Besides, the unique patented interlocking cube body design let whole floating projects connect tightly and provide safe, environment friendly, low maintenance and long lifespan floating structures.

You can use Magic-Float Modular Floating System to make useful and beautiful programs, like breakwater, walk way, floating dock, swimming pool, floating bridge, floating platform for rowing, diving, racing dragon boat, making a coffee shop, floating restaurant and so on. It is unlimited! Welcome to visit our website and contact us.

Specifications︰ We have different types of pontoon, like MF II (L: 50 x W: 50 x H: 40 cm) can meet every floating projects on water, MF III (L: 50* W: 50*H: 40/cm) is suitable some projects need pipe to go through the pontoon, MF IV (L: 100* W: 50*H: 40/cm) is suitable for using on open sea or carrying heavy equipment, MF V (L50* W: 50*H: 30/cm) and MF U Slide (L: 100 W: 50 H: 29/cm) are made for Jet Ski or similar boat to drive onto.
Advantages︰ Magic-Float is used HDPE material which is 100% recyclable, resistant to oil, acids, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays. High buoyancy and low maintenance, extremely easy and fast to assemble, versatile and unlimited applies, ultra safe and durable, a more environmentally friendly and significantly long-lasting system.
Poland -Water Polo Games floating platform
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