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Today is 17,Nov,2019
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Pumping Platform / Working Platform for Water Pump
Pumping Platform / Working Platform for Water PumpPumping Platform / Working Platform for Water PumpPumping Platform / Working Platform for Water Pump
Pumping Platform / Working Platform for Water Pump Enlarge image
Products: Hits: 1696Pumping Platform / Working Platform for Water Pump 
Brand: Magic-Float
model: FP-001
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Updated: 2019-03-21 17:19
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Project Name: Pumping Platform / Working Platform for Water Pump (抽水平台)

Magic-Float modular floating system is made by high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is 100% environmental friendly, high-impact , high-stiffness , and resistant to oil, acids, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals and UV rays. The main advantages Magic-Float system is the unique patented interlocking design, this helps to dissipate the loads and stresses through the cube body so that less stress is applied to the locking lugs that hold the floating structures together (our float cube lug can bear over 2000kg tensile strength that test by approved laboratory).
To install floating structures by Magic-Float system, do not need heavy equipment and much manpower as Magic-Float system is fast accomplished and easy assembly & disassembly. Moreover, Magic-Float system has high buoyancy (360kg per m2), it is no problem to carry heavy vehicle or repairing machinery on it. Besides, Magic-Float system has bright, colorful appearance with special non-slippery design suits for leisure floating applications so owners do not need to worry visitors get hurt by slippery surfaces, splinters and rusty nails usually found on wooden walkways.
For satisfying customers' request, we offer turnkey services, include customized layout design, special items made and installation to after-sell service! Welcome to browse our website and contact us for more details about Magic-Float modular floating system!















產品規格︰ 我們的浮筒改良了第一代浮筒的不足,在外觀上做了改變使整體結構較第一代浮筒更為耐用、強固及緊密,除了研發出常用的第二代浮筒(L:50cm W:50cm H:40cm)並針對不同的需求開發出可走管線的第三代浮筒(L:50cm W: 50 H: 40cm)、結構更強化的第四代浮筒(L:100cm W: 50cm H:40cm)、可停泊水上摩扥車的第五代浮筒(L:50cm W:50cm H:30cm)和第六代U型浮筒。
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